William Henry Stephan MD Medical Board Sanctions

License Number


Medical Board Action

The physician is censured and reprimanded and placed on probation for four years. The physician's license is limited precluding him from prescribing opiates, synthetic opiods and their analogues to any patient for more than a ninety day period. The physician may not issue or authorize a prescription for opiates for any patient after the 90th day that the patient's condition was first presented to the physician or to any of his affiliated medical practices. The physician's license is further limited allowing him to only prescribe benzodiazepines up to a ninety day period, after which he must consult with a board certified psychiatrist and obtain the psychiatrist's written approval to extend the prescription.

Medical Board Misconduct Description

The physician did not contest the charge of negligence on more than one occasion.


4080 Delaware Avenue
Tonawanda, New York 14150

Effective Date: 7/07/2011