Karen Anne Andrews RPA Medical Board Sanctions

License Number


Medical Board Action

License suspension until the physician assistant's Pennsylvania license has been cleared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Board of Medicine for full practice and the probationary period has been lifted. The physician assistant must provide ninety (90) days notice before returning to practice medicine in New York State. At that time she will be placed on probation for a minimum of one year and until the Director of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct deems her fit to return to practice medicine in New York State. This action has been appealed to the Administrative Review Board. Any period of revocation, suspension or annulment remains in effect until the Review Board issues an order.

Medical Board Misconduct Description

The Hearing Committee sustained the charges finding the physician assistant guilty of having been disciplined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for having a mental or physical condition which makes her unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety to patients.


1000 E. Mountain Boulevard
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 18702

Effective Date: 2/20/2015