Jason Shevetz MD Medical Board Sanctions

License Number


Medical Board Action

License suspension for twenty-four months, stayed with probation for thirty-six months and $50,000 fine. The physician is subject to the following conditions: the physician is precluded, either individually or through a professional corporation from treating patients whose services are reimbursed through no-fault insurance or worker's compensation. The physician may treat patients reimbursed through no-fault insurance and worker's compensation when he is employed at a governmental facility or an Article 28 hospital or facility and may receive payment for services rendered prior to this order. The physician may not order, perform and/or interpret electrodiagnostic nerve and muscle studies and shall refer patients needing these studies to an appropriate physician, and the physician shall not own or control more than one professional medical corporation at one time and only if his medical practice is performed at that site.

Medical Board Misconduct Description

The physician asserted he could not successfully defend against at least one of the charged acts of misconduct alleging negligence on more than one occasion and failing to maintain accurate patient records.


225 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11212

Effective Date: 10/28/2013