David Randall Dynof MD Medical Board Sanctions

License Number


Medical Board Action

Censure and reprimand with probation for thirty six months and $10,000 fine. The physician is currently not performing manipulation under anesthesia (MVA) procedures. If the physician determines to resume performing MVA procedures, he must inform the Office of Professional Medical Conduct at least sixty days prior to performing MVA procedures at which time further conditions may be imposed. The physician completed the terms of his probation effective March 8, 2013, however the temporary restriction regarding performing MVA procedures remains in effect.

Medical Board Misconduct Description

The physician agreed he was unable to defend against at least one of the acts of gross negligence; negligence on more than one occasion; incompetence on more than one occasion; ordering unwarranted tests/treatment and failure to maintan accurate patient records.


400 East 70th Street Suite 1103
New York City, New York 10021

Effective Date: 3/09/2010